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MARC (Maxbyte Advanced Robotics Centre) is part of Maxbyte’s Industry 4.0 solutions. Offers Robotization of manually operated mobile machines (MARC Ax) and custom built Autonomous Mobile Robots (MARC A500).

MARC A-500

MARC A-500 is safe, cost-effective Autonomous Mobile Robot that quickly automate your intra-logistics transportation of smaller parts. MARC A-500 helps enterprises optimize workflows, automates repetitive tasks to increase productivity and reduce costs and improve safety.

Use Cases
Tool Carrier
Inspection - Cobot
Roller Conveyor


MARC AX is an Autonomous intelligence platform to transform Industrial Mobility Vehicles to Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Use Cases
Battery Operated Pallet Trucks
Counter Balance
Commercial cleaning equipment, tractors, tillers, golf carts etc...

Features & Functionalities

Scalable Speed & Capacity
Multiple Use cases
Flexible Configuration
Collaborate and Safety Compliance
ANSI BS6.5 keeps man machine material safety.
Easy to Integrate with IIoT Platforms
Universal App with Intuitive Interface

Pay per use of Robots!

Reduce the upfront costs drastically and focus on operational expenditures rather than the time consuming and approval driven capital expenditure model.

No Up-front costs
Easy monthly payouts and improved cashflows
Flexible to scale up / down
Ease of integration

MARC Rapid Trial Program

MARC Rapid trial program is the perfect opportunity for your team to experience MARC - Robots on trial for a short span of time in your facility.

  • Find best use cases for robotics implementation
  • Scope the requirements for implementation
  • Gather end user feedback
  • Staff involvement and adoption right from start
  • Gain insights and chart business case & ROI
  • MARC Robot for Trial Period
  • MARC Robot Management Software
  • Configuration for one custom workflow
  • User Training & Workshop
  • Robotics Implementation roadmap
  • CAD drawing of the installation facility
  • Communication access to WiFi Network
  • Power supply
  • Time, Commitment and Program Lead
  • Execution of work orders